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US tennis looking for new superstar

President finally comes to conclusion on Vietnam -- we left too soon

WH interference calls validity of Petraeus Report into question

The "Decider" decides he's above the law -- George Bush's commutation of Scooter Libby's prison sentence defies the rule of law.

It's time to revoke their contract -- Scott takes aim at members of Congress seeking re-election. Reprinted from Bark Back News.

Ferry lore not so funny anymore -- A ferryboat tragedy in NYC brings back memories of Staten Island and jokes about drunken captains.

Bullying politics infringe on personal freedoms -- Political correctness can cause politicians to push public safety measures a bit too far. Reprinted from Columbus Wired.

Lone K a special one for Gooden -- Dwight Gooden returned to Shea yesterday to face some old demons, slay some new dragons and write the latest chapter of his long strange trip.  Reprinted from Columbus Wired.

Knight's survival sends wrong message -- It's time for "The General" to just fade away. Reprinted from Columbus Wired.

Endangered species need Lujan's support -- The Interior Secretary's willingness to support deals that endanger wildlife lead many to wonder if his heart is really in his work. Reprinted from Northland ThisWeek.

Magic now running the point for a different team -- When Magic Johnson announced that he had tested positive for HIV, the superstar's focus quickly turned to battling the deadly ailment. Reprinted from ThisWeek Newspapers.

Mini-bonds may help students remain ahead -- Raising money for computers was the idea behind the school district's technology plan. Reprinted from   The Grove City Record.
Keep the meaning of Christmas alive all year -- The holiday spirit of charitable giving should not end with the month of December. Reprinted from The Grove City Record.

Douglas/Tyson flap propelled by greed -- Despite Saturday night's heroics, many in boxing are still trying to keep the title from Buster Douglas. Reprinted from ThisWeek Newspapers.

Americans should watch Gorbachev's strategy -- In one of his first columns, Scott contemplates the Soviet Leader's chances of remaining both a Communist and in power. Reprinted from
The Worthington News.