Scott Cavanagh
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It's Time to Revoke Their Contracts

November 3, 2006

It's been nearly a dozen years since Newt Gingrich and his band of firebrands wrestled control of the House of Representatives away from the Democrats with their Contract With America and a promise of a new way to conduct the affairs of government.

That revolution, which hit its zenith with the 2000 election of George W. Bush, provided the neo-cons with everything they ever dreamed of -- the House, the Senate, the White House and eventually the Supreme Court. What, in return, have they provided the American people or the citizens of the world for that matter?

Over the past six years with Bush and company in charge, this country has seen the worst domestic attack in our history, and the changing of a hard-earned Federal Budget Surplus into record-breaking deficits. At the same time, they have led us into a costly and divisive hand-picked war of choice that was based on what we now know to be false pretenses -- a war that has alienated many of our oldest and most valued allies, while making the friends of the president and vice-president very rich.

Bush continues down the unprecedented path of trying to make permanent tax cuts for the wealthiest of  Americans, making us the only nation in recorded history to cut taxes in a time of war. Gas prices are approaching three dollars-a-gallon, Osama Bin Laden is still on the loose, and we now rate our TERROR on a color code while officially condoning torture. 

But all blame cannot be placed on the Executive branch.

This Congress has abdicated all responsibility as a co-branch of government and the elected arm of the people. Think about it -- has this Congress done your bidding or their own? For nearly a decade they have turned their backs on the weakest in society by refusing to raise the minimum wage, while cynically raising their own wages annually. They block health care reform, while voting themselves some of the best insurance benefits in the world. They talk about personal responsibility, while squandering a massive inherited budget surplus with the most pork-filled budgets in history -- budgets that don't even reflect the costs of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. The same crowd that wasted $56 million of taxpayer money investigating Bill Clinton's love life, won't even hold a hearing to look for a penny of the billions of dollars wasted on no-bid contracts awarded to companies now setting up shop in foreign locals to avoid paying taxes on their booty.

Now they want another term. We've faced this scenario before. Just two years ago, George W. Bush conducted a campaign of fear just twisted enough to pull-out another Diebold-assisted election. He succeeded despite a three-year old war with no end in sight and an economy worse than his father's. Now the Republicans in Congress want you to do them the same favor.

The same Congress that diagnosed Teri Shiavo via video tape for days, while confirming Mike Brown in 45 minutes, wants you to vote for them again because only they can keep you safe.

Americans cannot afford to extend them that courtesy again. Besides, safety is a relative thing. Just ask the people of New Orleans.

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