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Beware comrade Obama and Bush economics

October 28, 2008 

Posted by Scott Cavanagh
Barack Obama is a Socialist... better yet, a Communist. That's all that the McCain camp appears to be left with one week before Election Day. They tried "terrorist" for a couple of weeks but that didn't seem to stick--so now we're left with labeling him some sort of Marxist. Man, how did Barack slip that one past us--and Colin Powell too?

Sure, adjusting tax rates so that the rich pay the same percentages they were paying under those raging socialists Reagan/Bush would be like a regular Communist revolution! Viva Fidel!

Funny how when Bush gives people that are already rich and prosperous huge tax cuts, that's not "redistributing the wealth," but rather providing "tax relief." The principal McCain camp factoid that 95% of those receiving Obama's tax cut do not pay any taxes, is a lie to begin with. Those people pay the majority of their tax (as do 98% of the population) in payroll taxes--a tax the average mega-rich person living off of investments and inheritance (two other taxes conservatives want to eliminate completely to avoid any tax burden whatsoever) don't pay.

Hey Joe the Plumber, or Barney the Butcher for that matter--keep looking out for the welfare of those billionaires, buddy. I'm sure they have your best interests in mind as well--while they set up PO boxes in the Cayman Islands to avoid paying any tax at all. How patriotic. Then later, if they have it their way, they can give that money--tax free--to little Junior, who can sit on his ass for the rest of his life and live off of the tax-free dividends that guys like you helped him accumulate by supporting policies that did nothing for you and everything for him. Guess what else Joe? If you bust your ass to make $60,000 in a year, you now pay a higher tax rate than billionaire Warren Buffett. And that little prick you went to college with who inherited all that cash from his tax-dodging dad--he made $60,000 in investment income and didn't pay a dime.

While 33% of the national work force is making less than $15,000 annually, and half of the country is earning less than $30,000, Republicans are crying "class warfare" because Obama wants to give a tax break to the 97% of the country that makes less than $250,000. What a Commie!! Just keep pushing the money upwards guys--that's a really great idea. A country with a handful of billionaires and no middle class is not a thriving republic--its freakin' Mexico.

Adios Amigos.

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