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McCain's Attempt to Change the Subject

October 6, 2008 

By Scott Cavanagh

As we all know, John McCain likes to tout his "Straight Talk" approach to politics--portraying himself as someone who tells it like it is regardless of the political fallout.

That approach was taken to the extreme this weekend, when the McCain camp openly expressed its desire to "move the conversation away from the economy and the bailout" and focus on "getting tough" with Barack Obama. Not only have the McCain people decided (in the middle of the worst financial crisis in 75 years, no less) to avoid addressing the issues that concern the future of America and concentrate on attacking their opponent personally--they went ahead and announced it in advance.

And boy were they true to their word. By Saturday afternoon, VP candidate Sarah Palin had dived in full-bore--accusing Obama of "palling around with terrorists" because of his extremely limited association with former Weather Underground bomber and college professor William Ayers. What strikes me as so funny about this cynical and desperate tactic is not the fact that it can and has easily been disproven, but rather the way in which Palin tried to gain favor by bringing it up. Everyone knows about Ayers. I was warning about Obama's opponents using it against him months ago. If Sarah Palin and John McCain truly believe that Barack Obama "palls around with terrorists" and is a dangerous radical with such terrible associations--why are they just bringing it up now? Should they not have been ringing the alarm bell for months that a dangerous associate of terrorists was trying to hijack the presidency? Did the 64-year-old Ayers suddenly recruit a new group of radical commandos at the exact same time as McCain's poll numbers were falling into the toilet? Of course not. This is just another ridiculous dead rabbit pulled out of the hat by a desperate campaign with nothing to offer but the word maverick. I mean, think about it--they ANNOUNCE they are going to get tough with Obama and the NEXT DAY they are suddenly up-in-arms about Ayers? It's pathetic. Reverend Wright can't be far behind.

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